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The MatrixSophia Stewart's unfinished "Masterpiece"

Was "The Matrix" a rip-off of a novelist's earlier endeavors?  Follow the link above and decide for yourself.
Vigilante citizenVigilant Citizen

Vigilant Citizen is a self-proclaimed music-industry insider who has taken on the mission of exposing bizarre-imagery practices for what they really are.
Time travelDid Tesla hide secrets in his poetry?

Nikola Tesla was known to write poetry, and his "Fragments of Olympian Gossip" is a very intriguing window into this mysterious man.
Jack Ruby-Abraham Zapruder connectionJack Ruby-Abraham Zapruder connection?

The detail that caught my attention is the implication that somehow Abraham Zapruder, the man who captured the JFK assassination on film, had previous knowledge of the event and was there that day to document it with his Bell and Howell 8 mm movie camera.

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