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Jason R Dunn

Jason R Dunn fights a Gorn

Jason R Dunn is an amazing artist, film maker, and inventor who is based out of Los Angeles. He's a man of the world who's brave enough to face down a pissed off Gorn with only his bare hands and a basic knowledge of chemistry. He's also the talent behind a stellar piece of art known as "Cosmic Ark", the space ship banner you see at the top of Cosmic Cookout. It's based on an old Atari 2600 game that I remember seeing from afar when I was a kid, but was more into titles like Pitfall and Decathalon at the time. The game was unique for its day due to the theme of saving aliens instead of blowing them up, which I feel resonates with the core mission here at Cosmic Cookout where questions and compassion are favored over control and domination.

Jason's blog is called Robot Rumpus, after a very funny short film he made about a difficult robot going to school for the first time. I would love to see this story of Kidbot go to the big screen someday. Other gems in his blog include some time lapse video of him doing one of his many digital oil paintings and artwork he's done for movies that seem to have gotten lost in a limbo known as the Hollywood dream.

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