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Joseph P Ferrell

 Joseph P Ferrell

If you like research heavy with documentation and technical schematics then you will love Joseph P Farrell. He's fast becoming one of my favorite personalities in the alternative research community, mainly because he's so darn thorough, which is a trait I appreciate when dealing with such far out speculations like the Great Pyramid of Giza being originally designed as a huge weapon or how post war Nazi scientists have been operating a secret space program that makes NASA look like childs play.

A great way to get introduced to Dr Ferrell's train of thought would be some of the free interviews available out there. Erskine Overnight has a good collection of Ferrell conversations on his 2009 archive page where he has graciously edited out the advertisements. The next place I would suggest is the Byte show, which is run by GeorgeAnn Hughes. This collection is a bit more personal and provides a deeper look into the mind and ideas of Dr Ferrell thanks to the friendly back and forth style of GeorgeAnn and the obvious history the two share. Red Ice Creations has an excellent collection of Ferrell interviews with information I have not heard anywhere else, but you'll have to be a member to get access, which I can honestly say is well worth the small fee.

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