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Peter Levenda

  Peter Levenda image collage 2010

I first discovered Peter Levenda when he did his latest 2009 Red Ice Creations interview and he's been on my radar ever since. Derek and Sharon Gilbert also have a nice collection of free interviews with Levenda spanning several years. It's some fascinating material that has put his Sinister Forces trilogy towards the top of a list of books I'd like to get my hands on this year. Peter has some interesting posts on his blog, the latest of which comments on the strange statements that continue to be made by Pat Robertson on his 700 club news show. The most recent slur was towards the suffering victims of the Haiti earthquake and how he speculates the reason for this disaster was a "pact with the devil" that the people of Haiti somehow entered in to at some point in the past. Yes....he actually said this on a show aimed towards Christians.

Levenda puts a fascinating spin on this story by suggesting that it's Robertson who has actually made the pact with the devil and builds his case based on published reports from Time magazine in volume 2 chapter 15 of his Sinister Forces trilogy. Peter points to the support Robertson has given to murderous thugs such as Taylor from Liberia, Chiluba of Zambia, and Mobutu of Zaire. The accusation is that Robertson used these connections and alliances along with his Operation Blessings charity as a conduit for conflict diamonds.

I have not read the Time magazine information yet, but Levenda is clearly not a crackpot. I wished I could say the same for Robertson, I once looked up to this man during my early days of Christianity.

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