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Veritas radio

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I've only been a subscriber to the Veritas show for two weeks now and I'm already wondering why it took me so long to discover this treasure trove of knowledge.

Mel Fabregas is the force behind this truth machine. His central motto, which he borrowed from Jordan Maxwell, should tell you everything you need to know.

 "I am an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge."

His three hour interview with trial lawyer and environmental scholar Andrew D. Basiago is in my opinion the best one out there with this guy. The story is nothing less than incredible and Mel asked some very astute questions which really helped to flesh this story out a bit more than other radio hosts have done in the past. Mr Basiago claims to have photographic evidence of life on Mars, but the real fantastic part of the story is his participation in a program called Project Pegasus along with the claim of making two separate trips to Mars using Tesla teleportation technology. I'm a bit skeptical of these claims and wonder why Mr Basiago didn't have the foresight to take some sort of camera with him when he "telelported" to Mars and back with his CIA escort.

At 8 dollars a month I call the Veritas show a solid value. Add to that his frequently updated blog and members forum and you've got yourself a better deal than most entertainment choices out there.

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